Knowing God

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Knowing God is not kneeling before him
and pray to Him
but to do good
and to know what is good
and what is evil.

22 June 2017.


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Some are humanitarians bent
to make the world habitable
And some are Draconian to make the world inhabitable
creating doom and disillusionment.
But God in heaven created all
to stay on earth.
Man will burn in hell.

Sunday Digest

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Of Gods and myths
No culture is exempted
Only the the secular is exempted.

Sitidziwa Ndoya
3 April 2016.

Strange Gods

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The God of Abraham
God of Isaac
And the God of Jacob;
are strange Gods of European origin alien to Africa
Though divinity states there is one God universal to all .
But the bible clearly tells us to honour your father and mother
for your days to be many on earth .
Parents are our ancestors .
Sometimes religions are confusing .

Sitidziwa Ndoya
12 August 2015 .


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So many came and went
and left man dumfounded and stupid on his incessant search for the unkown.
Many will come and go,
But the world lives on undaunted by many chalenges of the universe
like a Titanic vessel on its first voyage to the Americas
Undaunted by many challenges of the seas.
Only God knows what will come of the world
And when
Otherwise all isimagination.

Sitidziwa Ndoya
8 June 2014