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When has found its proper place to rest and roost,
no one can stop it
and no one can divert it .

It meanders slowly like a river in a flood plane down to the sea .

Those who wrestle to stop it just find themselves deeply scathed
and troubled at heart .
Only the chief characters can stop it but with much pain .

Sitidziwa Ndoya
23 February 2015 .


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Darling .

It is in my blood
that today should be the day to finish off what we started as a joke
and start to be sereous .
That I love you
I think you are much aware .
For had I not been loving you ,
I wouldn’t have wasted much resources and time on errands of not much benefit to me .

I took my time to nature our love into maturity and fruition .
That to me is a sign of and much devotion .

Sitidziwa Ndoya
29 July 2015 .

I know you hate me

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I know you hate me
Though you are not bold enough to say it out .
But I know you hate me
For not fulfilling my obligation to love you the way you expect me to love you .
I seem to be playing games with you
Yet I seem to be sereous on the other side
throwing you off- balance as to what exactly I am up to ,
the reason being I am to slow to act
And you are not sure whether I love you or not
But the trueth is that I love you whole heartedly .
And you are now the chief subject of my concern .
Time will come
and I will show you how much I love you .

Sitidziwa Ndoya
16 July 2015 .

timid eyes

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timid eyes.


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Sometimes love is very funny
Hurling words at each other like world wrestling champions hurling words at each other to provoke each other into blind furry
searhing each other’s soul where we stand in love .

Sitidziwa Ndoya
26 June 2015 .