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It’s a nice Saturday. I wake up with a clear mind thinking about good things which could be done to people to create good friendship conducive to a better relationship in the world , only to find it an impossible mission. As long as poverty continues to rock the world , a better relationship is an impossiblity to achieve . Fanaticism , zealotry and sychophancy remain to be a great hinderance to success.

As fanatics , zealots and sychophants seek favours from wealthy people, creation of a better relationship among people of the world seems to be a dream within a dream.

Sitidziwa Ndoya
21 May 2016.

Back to civilisation

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I am back to civilisation from the primetive era
after a two day’s stint out in the bush
where there was no network and no electricity.
Just had to switch off my phone .
No use to keep it on .

Sitidziwa Ndoya
14 August 2015 .