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Sometimes words just come so easily and fittingly to the subject matter
when the feeling is high
and inspiration at its most fertility.
But when all is not in place,
Everything pitters out like an earth treamer
and everything strained out .

Sitidziwa Ndoya
6 September 2015 .

William Shakespeare

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We cannot all be William Shakespeares
Or Dambudzo Marecheras
Wole Soyinkas and Charles Dickenses
Or Erica Jongs – Antonneita Brims- all Writing In Real Times to show that we are writers.
We have got to pioneer our own ways creating our own leguacies
but footing the same pathway to literary giants .

This is what exactly NoViolet Bulawayo means when sh says ” We Need New Names ” in her novelet WE NEED NEW NAMES .

Sitidziwa Ndoya
14 May 2015 .