The curse of being poor

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All is gathered. Information and all and my office desky is even creaking study guide manuals, cheat charts snd pdfs down loaded from the internet sent by well wishers fighting to see me a changed man and earn descent income for my family.I am ready and willing like anyone else to change my life for a netter living, but I am syuck in mud. I am not able to move even millimetre.The curse of being poor out weighs my chances to move forward.

Mentor ship is the gateway for each and every step we make in our daily endeavours . We need education for greater achievements. Without education you get nowhere but that also need money .No one can teach anyone without payment. I cannot afford to enrol for the many courses offered on line to make to a fine and reputable freelance copy writer, it’s a fortune

Yes , I want leave the common day to day artisan job of carpentry which due to unemployment crisis rocking the world have been in exceptionally much flooded . Even the zero grade is in business spoiling everything for those trained in the field. I want to join the much lucrative freelance copy writing business which can be done at home at your own pace without being followed like a kindergarten school kid .

I have the potential to do it though it may sound something so involving. If others can do it without even writing skills, l can also do it if much practice is done and opportunities are presented . But I am hindered.

For a successful career in this field I need a computer ,a laptop and an advanced type. of phone which can do all what I may to do . I either of these items . I rely on internet cafes which sometimes congested that it may even consume much of my time before my turn comes to fruition.

Hope is the last thing to give up they say . And this I am going to do till I be what I want to be .The sky is the limit.