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We have moved greatly
three giant steps from civilization to the primitive era
what we sucumbed to be invain.
Stolen by the devil .
All those who were behind us now ahead of us
and laughing at us
all our sons and daughters’ effort to prosperity lost in waste drainage pipe.

Sitidziwa Ndoya
27 May 2015


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I am bad
I don’t strive to be good
it’s a waste of time
I am bad
no matter what I do to be good
no one appreciates it
I am bad
it runs in my blood
I took it from my parentS.

My parents tried hard to be good but never made it
they went to their honourable graves bad.
So I don’t strive to be good for people just know that I am bad
it’s my family’s fate
and I have come to accept it.

Sitidziwa Ndoya
6 April 2015