My hero

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My hero is my wife
because she is the one who sees to it that I am fed
and I am smart and presentable when I go out.
She takes care of my children
and everything that belongs to me .
And when people speak ill of me
she deffends me with all her mighty.
My mother came first yes
She brought me into this world
but my wife seem to have surpassed all
mother and overseer in one
Surely my wife is my hero
and my keeper.

Sitidziwa Ndoya
12 August 2015 .

My Phone

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I love my Phone
so much that it is the first thing hold on to every morning before anything else .
It is the only faithful friend remains in my custody so far .

It never lies to me
or let me down..
If it ever lies to me , then it is it
but someone at the other end .

It has done me a lot
and taken me places .
But sometimes it behaves so quierly that even want to dash it to the ground and never see it again .
But because of what it has done for me ,
I just find myself backing down and forgive it .
We have been friends
and need each other .
So we cannot just part in that manner .
It’s inhuman .

Sitidziwa Ndoya
21 May 2015