The bad thing about the insiders

The bad thing about the insiders
is that they know about the bad inside
but they say nothing about it
because they enjoy the bad inside.
But when they are thrown outside
and feel left out for the inside,
they begin to make a lot of noise about the bad inside.
Oftenly people don’t listen to them
because they know them to have been inside and never said anything about the bad inside.
Now that they are thrown out and feeldejected,
people don’t take them sereous
they just take them to be shading tears of dejection.

9 July 2017


About ndoya68

I am a Malawian born sel- taught artist living in Zimbabwe who apart from my sel- employment job as a carpenter have devoted most of spare time writing poetry musclin my way into the more academic literal world where men and women of letters are busy showcasing their various forms of literal skills .Though not yet established in the print media, I have found my place in the online media sociial networks where I have a number from various parts of the world enjoying my work . But this is limit. I also aim to venture into the print media and make a name .
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