Month: April 2016

Wandering in Africa{Africa, Hungarian Poetry Project 2015}

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Wandering in Africa{Africa, Hungarian Poetry Project 2015} – A multilingual collection of poetry from Africa to be published online in Hungary The project organizers are calling for poets who write…

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What is peace?
Is it a perpetual subjugation to those in power
and living in total abjection
fearing molestation
Though our visions may be of greater than of the people in power.
To ululate their cruel acts
as noble acts
on our way to insignificance.
All our efforts to adjust misconducts suppressed .

Peace is the total annihilation from all ills and subjugation to repressive by laws and principles.

Where there is fear of victimization,
there is no peace.

Sitidziwa Ndoya
20 April 2016.


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Strength in Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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Heart Broken

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People are heart broken.
Nothing seems real under the sun
Party politics is hurting nations
and people always at the polls
electing parliamentarians.
But before it is time ,
some more elections .
People living on electing members of parliament everyday to change the world,
but the world remains the same.
Cruel people taking advantage of the peace loving people .

Sitidziwa Ndoya
6 April 2016.

Sunday Digest

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Of Gods and myths
No culture is exempted
Only the the secular is exempted.

Sitidziwa Ndoya
3 April 2016.