Month: June 2014


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There is much noise going on
God is calling His people to come to Him
And satan is arms stretched calling for people to go to him
And man is standing between God qnd satan
pondering which way to go.
Soon time will take its course
and man caught undecided
which way to go
God or the devil,
all are calling.

Sitidziwa Ndoya
19 June 2014

A Good Seed

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A good seed can fall on hard soil
And never germinate.


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So many came and went
and left man dumfounded and stupid on his incessant search for the unkown.
Many will come and go,
But the world lives on undaunted by many chalenges of the universe
like a Titanic vessel on its first voyage to the Americas
Undaunted by many challenges of the seas.
Only God knows what will come of the world
And when
Otherwise all isimagination.

Sitidziwa Ndoya
8 June 2014