The haunted house

The haunted house is at long last exorcised

the ghost driven back to the cemetery where it belongs.

And the occupants sleep soundly safe and free.

And the exorcist lingers expectantly burning incense.


Bambo Ndoya

18 November 2017


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Democracy,peace and freedom
are the main agendas to run a revolution
but the world is mainly run on dictatorial bases.
Democracy is the cover design to run a revolution
peace a decoration to counter a revolution
and peace a further enhancement to run a revolution;
but the world is whirlpool of dictatorship and opression
where the society is in a state of fear
and life strictly dwelt on conformity
freedom of press and speech solely a dream within a dream.
Tyrannity rules.

Sitidziwa Ndoya
13 November 2017

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The three tier pillers of a succesful life plan

Most people are failures in life due to lack of vision and a suiccesful life plan.
The most effective pathway to a succesful life is :-
– Know your enemies
-what to expect from them
and how to confront them.

23 July 2017

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Some things are done for a purpose

Never do something because has done it
some things are done for a purpose
or reason.

18 July 2017.

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The bad thing about the insiders

The bad thing about the insiders
is that they know about the bad inside
but they say nothing about it
because they enjoy the bad inside.
But when they are thrown outside
and feel left out for the inside,
they begin to make a lot of noise about the bad inside.
Oftenly people don’t listen to them
because they know them to have been inside and never said anything about the bad inside.
Now that they are thrown out and feeldejected,
people don’t take them sereous
they just take them to be shading tears of dejection.

9 July 2017

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People are given names
when they fight for change
and make the world a better place for all.

Communist, racist,seperatist,capitalist
and many more.

They give all these names to good people fighting to change the world
and discredit them to make the world abetter place for all.

10 July 2017.

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Fortune favours the bold

Nelson Mandela was the most dangerous man in South Africa
and the most wanted man in South Africa.
But he he became the darling of the world.

3 July 2017.

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